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floor care maintenance

Proper floor care is a critical aspect of a well maintained building. Aside from the damage that dirt and grit can do to your floors, subjecting building occupants and visitors to dirty floors is un-professional.

At Big Star Cleaning, we know that long term exposure to dirt and grit, along with the abuse floors take from everyday wear-and-tear can seriously diminish the lifespan of your flooring. That’s why we aggressively maintain floors with best-in-class cleaning and waxing systems leaving your floors beautiful day in and day out while increasing the overall life of your floors. The bottom line is a long-term cost savings as floors need to be replaced less often.

Some of the floor surfaces we clean include:

* Vinyl
* Hardwood
* Marble
* Cement
* Slate
* Marmoleum

The Big Star Floor Care Cleaners have observed that too often people look for major solutions to minor problems. Before you decide to replace that old, mildew-covered tile work or wood floors to treat the stains professionally, and restore beauty. Give us a call at (617) 799-8108! Making a change to your business can be as simple as restoring it back to its original beauty. It can make you fall in love with your company all over again just like the first time you saw it. You will be surprised at the results!

Our floor Cleaning employees in Boston MA use special tools and cleaning substances that allow us to thoroughly clean even the hardest grout with the greatest of easy, utilizing a high pressure, hot water rinse with a fully enclosed vacuuming system. All of your Ceramic Tile and Grout Surfaces will have a remarkably restored shine and gleam.

If the upkeep of your floors is important for your home or business image,let a team of floor Cleaning handle it for you. Using only the best equipment and techniques for stripping and waxing. At Big Star Floor Cleaning Boston MA services, we guarantee you’ll never be sorry you called us.