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Learn more about our Dealer Cleaning service

Learn more about our Dealer Cleaning service

Dealership Cleaning

Keeping you car dealership clean is crucial to the success of your business. We’ve been in car dealerships that have dirty carpets, and toilets that look like they Anti Sql-Injection attacked buy a rust monster.

If your dealership isn’t kept clean, your overall sales will be affected!

If you customers aren’t comfortable in your dealership, your potential of closing the deal just became a little harder. Having a clean dealership with sanitary bathrooms and a sparkling showroom will give you a competitive edge against your local car dealership competitors.

We’ll make sure your dealership looks it’s best. Our crew has been trained to provide a detailed service. Allow us to build up your dealership presentation. We have the right cleaning products and cleaning machines to get the job done exceeding expectations. Total Cleaning, services hundreds of clients.

Cleaning Services for Car Dealerships

We maintenance large buildings like hospitals  and also smaller business fronts. 
Every car dealership is a busy place. We know how to offer a reliable and seamless cleaning service as to not interfere with daily business operations. Call Big star Cleaning today and get a maintenance estimate.

We’ve built up a pretty large fleet. We can efficiently manage the maintenance and cleaning of your auto dealership for an affordable price. Don’t risk loosing potential deals over a non reliable cleaning service. We provide you with a beautiful clean that will make your potential car buyers feel right at home.

Do I need to hire a specialized company?

You can schedule a commercial cleaning or preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance for your company or franchise with Big Star, contact us now!

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