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We've Gathered 8 Cleaning Secrets for You

We've Gathered 8 Cleaning Secrets for You

Facilitating home cleaning always seems to be a hot topic, as there are numerous tips that can make all the difference. To bring life and clean clothes and objects, we can use products that apparently have nothing to do with cleanliness.

1 - Keep clean up every day
Grandmothers kept their homes clean by taking care of them daily. Calm calm. We know you work, take care of your children, go to the gym, go to the movies and don't have time for it. The idea here is not to let the dirt accumulate. An example is dirty dishes, which can be washed after every meal. It is also possible to quickly sweep the floor of that often dirtier environment. And the bed, do you clean every day? It's easier to take care of little things during the week rather than leaving it all to one day.

2 - Invest in a DIY window cleaner
Her grandmother had no modern technological products for cleaning windows and mirrors. Have you ever thought that? How about trying a classic and very efficient mix?
1 ½ cup tea of ??water
1 ½ tablespoon white vinegar
1 ½ tablespoon of alcohol
3 drops of mint essential oil
Mix everything in a spray bottle, apply to surface and wipe off with a lint-free cloth such as flannel.

3 - Renew the stained cloths
It is very difficult to keep towels and tea towels unstained for a long time and your grandmother would probably not throw them away just for that. She would renew them. Add four or five black tea sachets to a bucket of hot water and leave for about 10 minutes. Then remove the sachets, add the cloths and let them rest there until they reach the desired shade. There you have your cloths in a whole new color.

4 - Annual Tasks
At least once a year you need to wash the carpets, vacuum the mattress and clean the closet, removing everything you no longer use. These are attitudes your grandmother would surely approve of!

5 - Less is more
You do not need a million cleaning products specialized in your arsenal. Bet on multipurpose and versatile items. How about betting on natural solutions? Lemon, baking soda and vinegar are some examples.

6 - Preventive Cleaning
Dropped toothpaste in the sink? Remove before it dries and becomes harder to clean. After showering, quickly clean the box by removing the shampoo that stuck to the tile, for example. It is in these small, everyday attitudes that you keep the house clean at all times and keep dirt from accumulating.

7 - Flavor the environment naturally
Want to keep that little smell clean? Place cotton buds soaked in some essential oil that pleases your nose (such as lavender, lemon, etc.) in a potted plant. To remove the bad smell from the microwave, heat two tablespoons of essential oil in a glass jar for 30 seconds. Then leave the appliance closed with the pot warmed in for a few hours. For persistent kitchen odors, put a few slices of lemon or citrus in a pan of boiling water. Gradually the smell will spread throughout the environment.

8 - Make a natural clothes whitener
For yellowish clothing and fabrics, bet on lemon as a great natural brightener. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into one liter of hot water inside a bucket. Soak the piece in this mixture for an hour or two, depending on the degree of staining. Then just wash normally and let it dry under the sun.

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