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5 Things you probably don't clean often enough

5 Things you probably don't clean often enough

Know what needs to be cleaned often, but you usually leave it behind!

When cleaning, we usually clean up everything that is most apparent at home, such as a stove, floor and furniture. But some things usually forgotten also need attention. Big Star has put together five items that need to be cleaned often, but that you usually end up missing. Check out:

1 - Dishwasher
This is a device you think is always clean - but the reality is that the minerals found in the water and the accumulated dirt can increase over time.

2 - Dishcloths
You probably use them all week before you wash them. But in fact, they must be cleaned and replaced every day.

3 - Lunch box or lunch bag
If you use the same bag or lunch box to bring your lunch to work every day (or to your children), you are likely to wipe it rarely - but you should really clean it every day.

4 - Kitchen Sink
No, you probably don't clean your kitchen sink every day. Yes, she has more bacteria than a bathroom toilet. Next time a ravioli falls into the sink while you make dinner, think twice about eating it - and then clean your sink.

5 - Dishwashing Sponge
It is a fact that sponges accumulate thousands of bacteria: the combination of hot, humid environment and food residue is the perfect setting for their proliferation. What is the best solution? Replace the old sponge with a new one every week to keep it free of bacteria.


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