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10 Tips And Step By Step For A Complete Bathroom Cleaning

10 Tips And Step By Step For A Complete Bathroom Cleaning

There are some points in the bathroom that need to be cleaned periodically, but often go unnoticed.

The bathroom is one of the main environments of the house that need to be in perfect hygiene condition. In this sense, it is important that some measures are taken daily and that a more thorough cleaning is done frequently.

Below you will find the top tips for efficient and complete cleaning of your bathroom.

For efficient cleaning without wasting a lot of time, having a practical step-by-step makes all the difference. Check out:

1 - Start by taking towels, rugs, trash and bathroom objects.

2 - Start cleaning the bath area by scrubbing tiles and boxes, which often accumulate body fat and then wash the floor of this area.

3 - Clean the toilet with disinfectant and brush / sponge for this purpose only.

4 - Wash the toothbrush holder, soap dish and other objects you may have in your sink.

5 - Wash the sanitary brush and the sanitary brush holder.

6 - Clean the bowl and valve and other metals that may exist (such as the door handle) with a sponge and detergent or, if you prefer, with a cloth dampened with a general purpose cleaner.

7 - Sanitize countertops, cabinets, objects and mirrors with a cloth dampened with general purpose cleaner.

8 - Wipe the mirror with a smooth and dry cloth after cleaning it, so as not to stain.

9 - Clean all floor area of ??bathroom.

10 - After a few minutes, after the floor is completely dry, return everything to its proper place (trash can, rugs etc.).

For a more thorough cleaning, whenever possible, it is recommended to wash the bathroom floor. But when the idea is to do a faster cleaning, day to day, you can just wipe with a general purpose cleaner or disinfectant.


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