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Who is a merchant knows how well the correct cleaning of your point of sale can positively impact your sales, after all, if the customer feels well received and available

In a pleasant and clean environment, the chances of him staying inside your store while consuming increase greatly.

But it's not always easy to achieve, is it? The high flow of people and the various demands of everyday life make it difficult to maintain the cleanliness of stores, which can end up turning your brand image into serious problems.

To help you, today we've brought you some quick and fundamental steps to make cleaning your store faster and more efficient. Check out!


1 - Keep a schedule
For periodic store cleaning to be performed on a regular basis, it is essential that you have control over these actions. Therefore, set a cleaning schedule, indicating who is responsible employees, which sectors will be cleaned and how often.

This schedule may require different levels of cleanliness, for example, heavier cleaning every 15 days and daily maintenance cleanups, at certain times when customer flow is lower, such as before opening trade, in the middle of the day. of the day and at closing.

If possible, indicate in this schedule which store points need to be cleaned harder (especially for large businesses) and which cleaning products should be used.

Be sure to keep track of this scale.

Thus, whenever a particular environment is cleared, ask the responsible employee to drop action, such as signing the schedule, for example, ensuring that the same location will not be cleaned twice, while another important area may be overlooked.

2 - Involve all employees
It's no use having a great scheme if your employees don't understand how much to keep the
Clean environment is important. So talk to all your employees (not just the cleaning crews) and show how taking care can make a positive impact on customers' image of the company, as well as the workplace itself. their.

Remind them that small attitudes can help a lot, such as remembering to take out the trash, changing toilet paper in the bathroom if you notice it is running out, among other things. If everyone contributes, it will be easier to keep your store clean longer and look more attractive to your customers, as well as a cleaner environment for your own employees.

3 - Take care of the external environment
One mistake that many business owners make is to think of just store door cleaning inside their trade. But do you believe that if your business facade is dirty or careless, will your customers be motivated to enter your business?

Keeping the outside areas always clean is very important. If your trade is very large, it is not always easy to have a frequency of cleaning these environments. In such cases, there are some professional equipment that can help you, such as sweepers.

These can be found in larger and smaller versions, which can be operated by a standing or seated employee - depending on the extent of the area to be cleaned. These items help dramatically reduce cleaning time and deliver a higher quality and longer result.

Sweepers can be used even in the most complicated places because they can reach even the corners, all with low dust development. You can find models that run on battery or electric power, depending on your needs and can be used in environments from 300 m².

4 - Pay attention to the cleaning of your windows and glasses
A stained, dusty or blurry showcase can give your customer a careless look and make it difficult to get your products ready. The same is true of your store glass, such as windows, doors and others.

But not always keeping these items clean is a simple task, isn't it? After all it seems that no matter how clean you are, they are always a little blurry than you would like. Having professional equipment can be the solution, especially for stores with a large amount of glass and showcases.

Steam cleaners are great options and can still be used on many other surfaces within your store, such as hard floors, textile surfaces and tiles. The cool thing is that these machines clean deeply without using any kind of chemical and still have different accessories to make them much more versatile.

5 - Don't forget the floors and carpets.
Inside the stores there are many environments that can accumulate dirt and make the environment quite uncomfortable. Carpet stores, for example, can suffer a lot from the soaked dirt that over time makes carpets look weird and have stiffer fibers. Sofas and other spaces intended for customer comfort may also suffer from these conditions.

In such cases, you need to schedule a deeper cleaning from time to time, ensuring that the textile surfaces get the treatment they deserve. You can count on some professional solutions for everyday use, such as the most robust, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that can vacuum both solids and liquids, all without harming the fibers of carpets or sofas and cushions, for example.

For large carpeted areas, investing in a carpet cleaner is best
can do a deeper cleaning by acting inside the fibers and without damaging the material. Another option is extractors, which can also be used in upholstery, such as sofas and chairs.

Already cold floors can be cleaned with washers and dryers of floors, which while rinsing, already dry these surfaces, ensuring more safety for their customers and also a much deeper cleaning without excessive consumption of water.

As you can see, keeping stores clean is always an extensive task that deserves constant care, integrating all its staff in this mission and also having specific equipment capable of ensuring a more professional and lasting result.


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