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9 Tips for organizing office cleaning

9 Tips for organizing office cleaning

On a daily basis, we usually do a lot of filth in the office. On the other hand, employees also have little time to do cleaning the corporation, which is detrimental to their health. The office needs to be always clean!

This small detail makes all the difference both to the people who work there and to those who for some reason need to visit the environment. A clean and well-cared for workplace is the first step towards creating a harmonious environment from where competence and responsibility exhale.

Why do an office cleaning

The truth is that if office cleaning is not taken into high regard, short-term and long-term problems will arise that will be difficult to heal later. The first tip to enjoy a clean and organized work environment is to pay attention to detail. Many people find that cleaning an environment is not a very attractive task, some even say it is tedious so they choose to do the most urgent part of the job and forget the details. The details are an important part of making the office look flawless.

Tips that will help with cleaning your office:

1 - Analyze the small details
Attention needs to be paid to the cleaning between the keys of the computer keyboards, with the most hidden parts of the windows so that they do not accumulate much dust, certainly with the screen that joins debris in the air conditioning. Paying attention to these often neglected corners is one way of giving the office the impression of impeccable cleanliness that employees so much desire.

2 - Take care of special items
Certain items in an office deserve special attention at the time of cleaning, such as the drawer. This large piece should be a reason for attention since it runs the risk of developing fungi if not taken care of. For this, cleaning should always be done using vacuum cleaner in the drawers. Opening the windows and aerating the place is of fundamental importance. Another tip is to find out if the walls and floor where the drawer lies are cold or perhaps damp, which may already be a hint of fungi in the future for furniture. Finally, the application of a varnish without color can not be lacking.

3 - Carefully clean your workstation
The office desks may be the pieces that should be given more attention as they are the pieces that most attract attention and make up the most part of the look of a work environment. First, a cleaning to get rid of excess dust. Then a cloth dampened with alcohol should be placed on the surface of the table. Wooden tables can benefit from a more specific product such as a furniture polish. This procedure should always be done for the proper maintenance of the office desks.

4 - Clean your computer
Computer cleaning scares people a little more, most of whom do not know if cleaning the utensil can cause any damage to its operation. If the cleaning steps of the computer are followed correctly, there is no risk to the part. With a smooth, dry cloth, dust should be removed from the computer, screen and keyboard. After that, use a cotton swab between the keys whenever possible to remove dirt that accumulates there and may depreciate the equipment.

5 - No food at the office tables
Do not let your employees eat in front of your computer. Leftover food may fall under the keyboard and thus accumulate into mites, germs, and even bacteria.

6 - Take care of the air conditioning
The lack of cleaning in the air conditioning can accumulate a large number of bacteria in the office and greatly harm the health of the employees. Therefore, clean the appliance frequently and ensure a better quality of life in the work environment.

7 - Keep the room cool
Keeping the circulation of air in the office is essential, thus preventing the proliferation of germs or bacteria.

For example, if someone is cooled in an enclosed space without air circulation, everyone can get sick.

Make air renewal frequently.

8 - Do not allow paper to accumulate
The accumulation of paper is sure to appear mite. Papers are worshiped by these critters, and even moths, so discard what you do not need or recycle.

9 - Make frequent office cleaning
You can schedule a commercial cleaning or preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance for your company or franchise with Big Star, contact us now!