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The cleanliness in my trade is made insufficiently. And now?

The cleanliness in my trade is made insufficiently. And now?

Supermarkets, clothing or food stores, hotels, inns, and finally, there are countless shops that need extra care when cleaning.

For many, this attention should be even doubled, guaranteeing the safety of the people who move there, such as hospitals and even industrial kitchens.

However, in spite of this, many traders often end up using domestic cleaning options that can not handle the demand and do not even have a satisfactory result. The consequence may be stains on the floors, apparent dirt and grime, carelessness and of course, compromising the image of your brand.

If you are going through this situation, do not despair. We assemble a complete content with important tips that will help you to improve the cleaning in your trade and to find the best solution for your case. Check out!


Understand your needs
Before you go out hiring cleaning companies, or buying various items it is essential that you understand their need.

So start by analyzing the type of flooring your trade has, the dirt it is most often exposed to, the areas of the trade that demand the most attention, the number of people who walk through the place daily, the size and size of your trade, the number of cleaners you own, among others.

From this analysis, you will be able to understand if your internal teams will need to perform a certain task daily or weekly, if it is possible to remove the stains that the floor already has, which are the most suitable products, among others.


Analyze the time involved in each task
Now that you know the most critical points for proper cleaning of your trade, determine the time involved in each task.

Are there ways to make this process faster and more dynamic?

Large-scale, multi-sector stores, such as shopping malls, for example, may have to scale cleaners, as do larger supermarkets, and if teams are not synchronized or inefficient, your cleaning will be compromised.


Invest in professional equipment
If your workplace requires professional maintenance, how do you believe your employees will be able to perform the job well if you do not offer professional equipment to them?

Certainly, a cleaner who uses a mop to clean the entire floor of a store will take much longer and will have a not-so-interesting result than another that uses a more modern system such as a floor washer specifically suited to her needs.


You can schedule a commercial cleaning or preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance for your company or franchise with Big Star, contact us now!