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Cleaning and conservation tips for stainless steel

Cleaning and conservation tips for stainless steel

Stainless steel sanitary fittings are indicated due to their durability, strength and design. However, it is of the utmost importance that specific care be given to these equipments so that the appearance of the steel is maintained and the products remain new for many years.

Correct cleaning is the key factor in ensuring proper sanitary fittings are maintained. Please see below how to proceed with this cleaning:

Regardless of which level of cleaning below will be chosen, always use soft cloth and preferably in white color to avoid that during cleaning the cloth loosen color in the equipment.

1. Daily Cleaning:
Use the dry cloth to remove dust and debris from the surface of the equipment.

2. Removal of Surface Spots:
First clean with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris on the surface of the equipment.
Dampen the cloth with water and repeat cleaning to remove stains. It is imperative that the equipment is dry after cleaning to prevent stains appearing due to water accumulation.

3. Removal of Deep Spots:
Removal of deeper stains requires care and greater attention at the time of cleaning, as it will be necessary to use a sponge to remove stains. Using improperly wipes can damage the finish of the product.

Repeat the cleaning instructions to remove surface stains and then:
Apply moderate amount of the aerosol for cleaning of stainless steel in the product, first use the soft part of the sponge in the attempt to remove the stains.
If the first application is not satisfactory, re-apply the stainless steel cleaning paste and use the abrasive part of the sponge for cleaning, always following the direction of the brushed stainless steel!
If a professional is not able to perform this cleaning, it is advisable that the supplier of steel equipment be contacted for further explanation of how to proceed, thus preventing the equipment from being damaged.

Aerosol components for cleaning stainless steel: Water based concentrate, mineral oil, monoethanolamine and butane / propane as propellant. It had 75% concentrate and 25% propellant.
For products that have steel locks, perform preventive maintenance and apply a small amount of graphite regularly to ensure proper operation of the parts and prevent breakage of keys due to wear.