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4 Tips to ensure more professional post construction cleaning services

4 Tips to ensure more professional post construction cleaning services

Facing an excellent post-work cleaning requires a high level of professional knowledge and responsibility

For example, it is necessary to carry out a rigorous post-work cleaning and with specific chemicals that do not damage the surfaces to eliminate correctly residues like cement, sand, plaster, glasses and excess grout.

1 - Invest in specialized labor
According to the experts of the entity, when compared to the traditional process, the work of cleaning post-work goes much beyond the trivial. While in the business or hospital environments, common soils are dust or household impurities, in the work, cleaning professionals are faced with very different and heavy soils, such as remnants of floor grouting, which require technique for removal and hiring of a specialized team and with the use of products and equipment suitable for each environment.

2 - Each dirt requires a different type of product
The use of quality products is one of the guarantees for the success of reputable companies in the Professional Cleaning market. Among the options available for professional after-cleaning, the most suitable are water-based formulas that do not damage even the most sensitive marble. These products can be used for epoxy waste removal, renovation, cleaning or grinding of the grout, even if it has gritty and rough surfaces; removal of stains from paints, glues, silicones, among others. Always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the product and seek technical information to avoid serious errors and damages.

3 - Create a plan
Before undertaking any type of cleaning, the visit of the specialist is something fundamental in the work, because it is he who is going to say the type of dirt that the team will find there. The second step is to present to the client what will be the methodology of work, which takes into account from space, through the materials used in the work, to the type of finishing and treatment to eliminate all dirt.

4 - Protective equipment is essential
The safety of operators in post-work cleaning should also be taken into account as they will be protected to handle chemicals. Therefore, the teams must be equipped with gloves, masks and goggles. In addition to all these precautions, the use of a PVC waterproof boot will also avoid the contact of employees with corrosive products, as well as reduce the probability of slippage.

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