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5 Tips for cleaning glasses

5 Tips for cleaning glasses

Oh, the time for the cleaning ... It's easy to remember some more obvious things when we need to clean up, like sweeping the floor and doing the dishes. In the professional environments, we think about the cleaning of the equipment, the tables and the showcases, mainly. But one thing that makes all the difference and should not be forgotten, sometimes ends up being beaten too many times ... the glasses!

Glass cleaning is important in any situation. In addition to leaving the appearance of the environment completely renewed, the accumulation of dirt can be very bad for health. Dust attacks everyone who already has some breathing problem, and increases the chances of who does not. So it is always good to take good care of glass cleaning, whether at home or at work!

Best Tips for Cleaning Glasses

1 - Identify the type of glass
As much as they may look alike, there are several different types of glass, and not all should (or even can) be cleaned in the same way. For example: "rough" type glass (present in many toilet boxes) will not be exactly cleaned with the same process used in a mirror. In the case of this type of box, the ideal is to use a soft brush too, to reach the glass as a whole.

2 - Use mild soap and water
Glass cleaner solutions do exist, and they work, but they are not always necessary, and they even strike the environment in most cases. Water and neutral soap are already enough to keep everything in order, and you do not run the risk of using any product that stain.

3 - Dry quickly
Speaking of stains, one way to avoid them is to dry the wet points of the glass quickly. To do this, try cleaning the parts by rinsing and drying one piece before going to the other.

4 - Use a plain cloth
The best type of cloth for glass cleaning is the lint-free cloth. If you've tried to do this with a piece that loosens those little lint, then you know how they can give a headache. Microfiber cloth or some multiusers, like Perfex, are good options. And forget the cotton towels!

5 - Hot water if there is fat
If the glass has some grease stain, a great tip is to use hot water. Neutral soap can continue in the equation without problem. The result may even surprise you!

Leave your glasses perfect!

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