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Tips for cleaning your room

Tips for cleaning your room

From time to time it is important to clean the entire room. Especially people with respiratory problems, after all, the tendency to proliferate mites in this environment is much greater.

Cleaning Frequency
Ideally, a more thorough cleaning in the room should be done every 15 days.

Wipe a cloth with multipurpose product on all visible surfaces, if necessary, remove all objects to clean properly.

Drag the furniture and sweep the floor. Then vacuum the vacuum cleaner.

Change the sheets, straighten the pillows and make a good cleaning under the bed. Bed linen must be changed weekly. And do not forget to open the windows to let the room ventilate a little.

Whenever possible place the mattress in the sun to kill the mites.

Collect all clothes and objects lying on the floor and store them in their proper place.

Weekly leave the doors of the wardrobe open to air your clothes for an hour. That way you avoid mold.

If your wardrobe has mirrors, use a wipers with and go over the mirror with the help of a flannel. Dry immediately.

Now with the room clean and airy, use a mixer to leave the space smelling and inviting. Look:

100 ml of alcohol
100 ml of softener of your choice
Put in a spray bottle and spray on bedding and towels. The alcohol evaporates quickly leaving only the smell of softener.

Mix everything and add in a glass of slightly warm water. Pass the box and let it act for five minutes. Then use a soft sponge and rub the box and then rinse. And after rinsing, dry the box with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the procedure once a week until all stains have cleared. And for maintenance, just carry out the process once a month.

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