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6 key tips to optimize cleaning in buildings

6 key tips to optimize cleaning in buildings

Maintaining cleanliness in buildings, whether indoors or outdoors, requires good planning. Especially in view of the need to optimize the time and resources directed to the proper cleaning of those areas.

If taking care of a home demands work and dedication, imagine taking care of a condo? Consideration should be given to the profile of the condominium, so as to guarantee an efficient result that will please all residents.

To address these difficulties well, we have separated some key tips that may help optimize cleaning in buildings. See how:

1. Understand the types of cleaning that exist
It is important to be aware about the types of cleanings that are usually done in buildings. They are: general cleaning, maintenance and conservation.

General cleaning is the most comprehensive of the three. It serves the areas of greater circulation of residents, such as the hall, reception, elevators and other common areas. Some places need to receive this service on a daily basis; in others, just do once a week or fortnightly.

Maintenance cleaning is considered a lighter type. However, it requires attention, as it is sometimes necessary that it be performed more than once a day. A good example is the sweeping of common areas.

Conservation cleaning is usually done only once a day, and your goal is to preserve cleaning of a specific point. For example: the collection of garbage from the building.


2. Define the processes for each type of cleaning
It is very important to leave the necessary products and equipment available to the cleaning team. Each area and type of cleaning will require a different sanitizing process and therefore will require the proper materials for its better execution.

The correct choice of these products and equipment can aid in the productivity of the actions and also in the reduction of cost with materials and labor. A great way to optimize processes is to draw up a list of materials usage controls. Thus, inventory keeps up and cleaning processes are not delayed.

Some measures that are heavily used can lead to losses. For example, the use of diluents for concentrated products. It is very important that employees know how to use them correctly so that the high yield is actually used.

It is also important to consult employees before purchasing materials. They can tell you what they need and still guide the ideal quantities of each product.


3. Create a cleanup roadmap.
It is important to define which areas of the building need to be cleaned and what is the best cleaning frequency for each. It is interesting that daily cleaning is done in the halls, elevators, sidewalks, bathrooms, gym and locker rooms, if they exist.

The fortnightly cleaning can be directed to the windows of the portarias and other common areas, engine room and also the wooden or stone floors of the common areas. Monthly cleaning is heavier and should be performed in garages, emergency stairs, and exterior windows in common areas.

The ballroom must be sanitized according to its use. When parties do not happen on site, cleaning should be done monthly. When there is an event in the environment, a good cleaning should be done the day after the commemoration or meeting.

For high surfaces, such as pipes and other structures, cleaning must be done twice a year. That is, every semester. Dividing the areas and frequency of the service to be done is a good way to optimize and organize the cleaning routine of the building, avoiding that some places end up forgotten and accumulate dirt.


4. Set the best times
For cleaning to be done in the best possible way, without causing inconvenience due to the movement of residents, it is interesting to define the best times.

For example, lifts should be cleaned when the frequency of people's movement is lower. On weekdays, in the afternoon, between 2pm and 4pm. Already on weekends, it is best to clean them early in the morning. Care must be taken that one lift is available while the other is being cleaned.

The entrance hall should be worked at the same time of the week, if possible, while the elevator is receiving cleaning. Thus, time will be saved, and the whole region will be cleaned at once.


5. Choose the products to use correctly.
It is interesting to choose products that are less aggressive and, if possible, neutral. Some people may be allergic to strong odors. It is also important to consider that there are cleaning products that are toxic and can cause irritation if inhaled or in contact with the skin.

Items that can not be missed are:
sanitary water;
liquid soap;
neutral detergent;

Sanitary water, though very important, is abrasive. It should be used with caution because it causes blemishes. Detergents and liquid soap are great options for all environments.

The use of disinfectant should only be done in specific places, such as in the bathrooms. Waxes are important for cleaning the floor, but you need to check the type of flooring and whether it is feasible to receive it. Cold floors can be cleaned daily with damp cloth. The stones and woods ask for the use of the wax, which can be applied with the aid of a waxing machine. This will ensure more brightness without damaging the color of the floor.


6. Outsource the service to specialized companies
An economic strategy for the condominium is the outsourcing of the cleaning service. Specialized companies can provide various types of budget, and the cost of staff and materials will be greatly reduced.

The specialized company is the one who will take care of the acquisition of the necessary products for the cleaning, counting many times with equipment that is not accessible to the condominium if it carried out the actions for its own account. It is the company that directs the employees to the correct execution of the tasks. Therefore, the condominium does not have to pay the salaries, health plans and other benefits of Labor Law to these employees.

One does not have to worry about the lack of a building employee, for example, because cleaning is guaranteed. The outsourced company has available resources and viable and consistent alternatives so that the cleaning routine is maintained continuously.

In addition to having the highest quality of services offered, the condominium owners will have a good variety of complete cleaning services.

Following these tips, cleaning up buildings will be greatly facilitated. The results you will find will be glowing and very well organized common areas for all residents.

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