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Tips for cleaning fronts

Tips for cleaning fronts

The facades of the business or residential buildings are like a business card, since the external appearance influences the public opinion. If the facade of your business is always dirty, you can pass a negative image away from potential customers. The maintenance of clean facades is not only a detail, but a fundamental care.

The buildings have different types of façades, depending on the coating (glass, wafer or ceramic) and the number of floors, several factors will influence the maintenance. The first step to avoid disruption is to hire a specialized company, as it has experience in techniques and products to be used in each case, resolving the situation efficiently and economically.

Most buildings have a glass façade with a great aesthetic appeal, yet they are easily dirty and require regular cleaning. In low construction, the professional does not need to be elevated and can perform the task from the ground with brushes and long reach rods. Already, in high-rise buildings, cleaning is more complicated and one should not neglect the professional, demanding that he follow the rules and the correct use of safety equipment.

The use of water jet machines should be avoided because they compromise the structures due to water pressure and also the use of abrasive products that can cause corrosion. The recommendation is to use mild soap and water which, together with a sponge or soft cloth, can remove much of the dirt. The frequency depends on the location and should occur at least once a month.

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