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How to keep the kitchen clean on time

How to keep the kitchen clean on time

Many believe that the bathroom is one of the environments in the house that most accumulate germs and bacteria, but the kitchen is also not behind. It is extremely important to maintain the hygiene of the kitchen as it is the place where all the food we consume are handled and the storage and cleaning of some utensils and spaces should receive extra attention.

Where to start cleaning the kitchen?

Sinks: Cleaning the sink may seem like a simple task, but if not done with proper care it can generate germs and food bacteria buildup. Avoid leaving wet dishcloths, sponges with more than a week of use. Having a sink trash is also common in many homes, but it is not recommended. Have the routine always wash the sink, use cleaning products and dry it right away. The use of alcohol is not recommended as the sink is near the stove and can cause accidents.

Cabinets: There is no secret in cleaning cabinets. If the cabinet is made of wood, avoid leaving it moist. The idea is to always wipe a wet cloth with neutral soap and expect to dry completely before storing the kitchen utensils. If your kitchen cabinet is made of stainless material, ideally you should clean it weekly with damp cloth and coconut soap.

Stove: Never clean the stove still hot. Allow to cool completely to start any cleaning. Remove the removable parts and take them apart. To make them even cleaner, the pieces should ideally be soaked for a few minutes. After that, use cleaners to remove the grease from the cooker.

Refrigerator: To clean the refrigerator completely, remove all food from the refrigerator before. Then remove the removable parts, such as shelves, to be washed separately. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with water, adding cleaning solutions of your choice.

Floor: To clean the kitchen floor, we recommend the use of products such as Ajax. In addition to cleaning the kitchen more easily, removing stains and accumulation of fat from day to day, the environment is still fragrant and cleaning-looking for longer.

Having a clean kitchen may

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