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How to clean micro-waves: 4 tips for efficiency

How to clean micro-waves: 4 tips for efficiency

In the midst of the racing routine, there is not always enough time to cook fresh food every day, is not it? Then the way usually turns to the microwave. And it is at that time that tasty stew and that pasta with enough sauce can end up splashing in the device and making a big mess. Who never?

As much as this situation is very common, it has an aggravating effect: if it does not clean immediately, the dirt tends to stick to the equipment, making cleaning even more difficult. Have you been through this, but do not want to have this problem again? So check out our tips on how to clean microwaves at maximum efficiency right now!

When cleaning your microwave, carefully clean the inside and outside parts of the appliance. To remove dust from the outside, use a dry and soft cloth; as long as the moisture causes stains, a rough cloth may scratch the surface. Better not take that risk, right?

When cleaning the interior, use a sponge moistened with a solution of water and neutral detergent or even a soft bristle brush to reach the most difficult corners. If you want to increase the practicality and make a deeper cleaning in the equipment, opt for specific cleaners, only being careful with abrasive products.

One of the main types of dirt that sticks in the microwave is fat. To eliminate the greasy traces, leave aside the homemade solutions and bet on powerful degreasers. Concentrated, these products clean quickly and efficiently, eliminating the toughest fats while still leaving a soft scent of lemon in your kitchen.

Some products are even able to prevent the adherence of fat, dissolving the dirt and protecting the surface for much longer. Think about it: would not it be great if the soils were less stuck in your microwave? So everyday cleaning would be much more practical!

The microwave oven should be cleaned regularly so that fat spills and leftover food are not impregnated. It is worth mentioning that letting the dirt accumulate in the appliance significantly increases the risk of damage, not to mention the possibility of food contamination!

On the other hand, if you do periodic cleaning, cleaning becomes faster and easier, as well as increasing the life of your microwave. At such times, when cleaning the equipment, pay special attention to the turntable, the inner walls and the ceiling, parts that tend to get dirtier.

Cleaning the microwave does not have to be standardized, you know? In fact, each material requires specific techniques and products to ensure impeccable sanitation. If your appliance has stainless steel details, for example, use a suitable cleaner! The same is true for mirror or glass details. This care prevents staining, as well as avoiding damage to the appliance.

In addition, remember that cleaning of any appliance should be done with the appliance out of the socket in order to minimize the risk of accidents.

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