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3 Tips on cleaning the hotel

3 Tips on cleaning the hotel

As well as a good shower, comfort and Wi-Fi fidelize the guest, the quality of the cleaning of the hotel areas make a total difference during the stay.

1 - Have a vacuum cleaner.
It is very important that you have a vacuum cleaner so you will not disturb people in other rooms of the hotel, if you think about sweeping it may seem like a silent option, but it is not the right choice. This is because the dust rises into the air and is deposited on furniture and curtains, which does not happen with a vacuum cleaner.

2 - Treating the floor.
A floor treatment is important to give you more shine and protection, you get a flawless floor with the right disc and product, and of course with the professionals of the Big Star.

3 - Have a professional cleaning team to avoid accidents and unnecessary expenses.
Big Star has a hotel cleaning service available with uniformed and professional professionals. Are you waiting for what to get in touch with and make your budget?

You can schedule a commercial cleaning or preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance for your company or franchise with Big Star, contact us now!

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