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10 cleaning tricks that only cleaning professionals know

10 cleaning tricks that only cleaning professionals know

When we do not know all the tips and secrets, cleaning the house seems like a great journey. Each environment is a battle fraught with dust and dirt, especially if space is inhabited by many. Refinery29 decided to finish once and for all with the cleaning difficulties by interviewing several cleaning experts. Check out the result, separated as simple and amazing tips:

1. Renew oven racks with vinegar
After many cakes, pies, savory and roasted meats in the oven, it is impossible for it to continue to clean. Attacking the remains of dirt, especially in the grids, is usually very difficult! Debra Johnson, of the cleaning company Merry Maids, recommends a special solution that facilitates the process.

You only need vinegar, half a glass of dishwasher detergent and eight dryer sheets. Place the oven racks in the sink or in a large tank with the drain capped, covering them with leaves and then with warm water. Pour all vinegar and detergent, allowing the solution to be absorbed overnight. The next morning just rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

2. Oil the utensils with ammonia
If your appliances have accumulated oil over time, fear not: there is a solution! All you need is a quarter cup ammonia and an airtight bag.

First, separate the oily parts from the appliance. Rub them with soapy steel wool and then place in the airtight bag with ammonia. Leave overnight and when cleaned, wipe with a cloth!

3. The sticker comes out with mayonnaise!
It sounds strange, but it's real: the stickers glued to the home electronics come out with a little mayonnaise, no scrubbing scrubs. Doubt? So test: just cover the surface of the sticker with enough mayonnaise and let it rest. After a few hours you'll be able to remove it so easily that it will look like magic! Do not forget to clean the place.

4. Watermarks also
The mayonnaise is very multipurpose at the time of cleaning! Meg Roberts, chairman of cleaning company Molly Maid, swears that some of the food in a clean cloth can remove water spots on wooden surfaces. Just rub it!

5. Mineral deposits add up with denture cleaner
Have you noticed mineral deposits in certain parts of the home, such as the toilet? They can be cleaned with a glass of white vinegar and effervescent cleansing tablets for dentures. In the case of the pot, just put both in the bowl and wait a night. Then clean as normal.

6. Finish with rust using lemon
Who has never heard of the benefits of lemon in house cleaning? One of the feats of citrus is to remove rust! You can squeeze fruit juice with a spray bottle or pass it directly into the rusted area by rubbing the surface with a brush.

7. Impact markers go with cucumber
You know those marquinhas that do not come to be scratches, but appear when something creeps along the wall? These spots can be removed by being rubbed with the outside of the bark of a cucumber. Same goes for stains on wood and nuts!

8. Coke cleans your bathroom
What Coke is abrasive we already knew. The novelty is that, for this reason, it can be used to help you clean! Meg Roberts recommends using a can of drink to clean the toilet, leaving the liquid overnight and just giving the discharge in the morning.

9. Use ketchup to polish the utensils
Some metals in the house look old? Open a bottle of ketchup and get to work! With assistance a clean towel, you can use the seasoning to polish each utensil. The trick works well with copper, bronze and even with silverware!

10. Clean the ceiling with a paint roller
Just because the ceiling is hard to reach does not mean it should be neglected in the cleaning! For easy cleaning, do the service with a paint roller. Just moisten it and pass it through space.

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