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How to clean oven: Practical tips for having an oven always clean

How to clean oven: Practical tips for having an oven always clean

It is very common to find traces of fat and food inside the oven. The food that falls from the grates can be charred and cause an unpleasant smell of burning. Frequent cleaning of your oven is an essential measure to ensure your safety and hygiene. Learn to follow three tactics to keep your oven clean and bright.

Types of ovens
There are different ways to clean an oven; it all depends on the type of oven you have at home. Most ovens can be classified into three main categories:

- Self-cleaning ovens: in general, they are modern and have an advanced technology that transforms the remains of food into ashes.

- Non-self-cleaning ovens: The most common type of oven, these models require you to roll up the sleeves and remove the food scraps manually.

- Ovens with continuous cleaning: ovens with a special coating, which avoids the accumulation of waste.

Once you find out what the type of your oven is, you can begin the cleaning process. But, attention: read the instructions of the chosen products and always carry out the cleaning in aired atmosphere. And do not forget to wear gloves during the process to protect your hands.

Self-cleaning furnaces
Many modern ovens have a self-cleaning function. A self-cleaning oven warms to a very high temperature (over 480 ° C). This automatically cleans the oven, turning food waste into ashes. Self-cleaning ovens do much of the work alone, but there are certain steps you should take to ensure your safety and effectiveness. See also:

1 - First, open your kitchen window and set the oven to operate in self-cleaning mode. It is important to carry out this process when the kitchen is not in use.

2 - Then remove any shapes and grills that are in the oven. Wash them manually in the sink with detergent.

3 - Turn on the self-cleaning mode, which usually lasts a few hours. Your oven should be locked during self-cleaning. If it does not lock automatically, put a warning or inform everyone in the house that the oven is in self-cleaning mode and should not be opened.

4 - Once the self-cleaning process is complete, allow the oven to cool for a few hours.

5 - After self-cleaning is complete and the oven has cooled, remove all the ashes, place them in a trash bag, and clean the oven door and liner residue.

Non-self-cleaning furnaces
Cleaning of non-self-cleaning ovens consists of the following steps:

1 - First, remove the grids from the oven and place them in the sink with water and a little degreaser to remove the impregnated fat.

2 - Then separate the cleaning solution into the oven. To be more practical, we recommend the use of a homemade baking soda and water.

3 - Before starting the cleaning make sure that the oven is cold. Then apply the cleaner all over the interior, avoiding the fan area (if there is one) and the parts that generate heat.

4 - Let the product or solution work in the oven for at least 15 minutes. This should cause the leftover food to loosen from the surfaces.

5 - Rub and remove debris from the inside of the oven with a soft sponge.

6 - Rinse and, if necessary, apply the cleaner again. You should rinse your sponge regularly so that any dirt residue on the sponge does not spread across the surface.

7 - When you are finished, soak a clean cloth with water and step inside the oven to remove any debris.

8 - To finish the cleaning, wipe the glass from the outside.

Ovens with continuous cleaning
Owing to its interior lining, ovens with continuous cleaning are different from both regular ovens and self-cleaning ovens. Continuous cleaning ovens are lined internally with a porcelain that incinerates waste from food and dirt. This keeps your oven clean most of the time, but it is possible that leftover food may stick to the oven walls.

If this happens, use a mixture of warm water and baking soda to gently wipe the inside of your continuous cleaning oven. Never use abrasive chemicals in these furnaces as they may damage the porcelain coating.

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