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8 Room organization tips that will make all the difference

8 Room organization tips that will make all the difference

No use having impeccable decor and irreverent furniture, but do not worry about the room organization. Remember that a disorganized environment passes the image of sloppiness and carelessness.

Therefore, it is important to think of the space as a whole, paying due attention to both the layout of the furniture and the lighting. But not only that. It is also ideal to think of effective alternatives to clean the room, making the place more comfortable.

In order to solve this issue, we present some simple and effective tips that will make your room a charm, leaving it neat. Check out:

1. Arrange the drawers
Do your shoes and even clothes get thrown into any drawer because of the lack of space? If the answer is yes, it's time to start thinking about a way to solve it.

Boxes of shoes present themselves as strong allies in this scenario. It does not have to be anything special. On the contrary: you can make a very creative packaging to put both inside and outside. After decorating the boxes, place them in the drawer, filling the entire space. You bet they will make the space much tidier.

You can also better organize the socks, using plastic or wood separators, forming a small crate. Messy jewelry in the drawers can also be stowed in ice packs. They have the same effect, serving as drawer organizers. This way, you can better separate and visualize the items, as well as prevent chain collars and bracelets from getting embarrassed.

2. Get shelves
Whoever says the shelves are outdated is wrong. With countless purposes, they can optimize the space of the room, giving that air a clean and modern environment.

However, in any case do not stack the items, as this will have an opposite effect than expected, leaving the room looking messy. Always keep in mind that in some cases less is more. So, do not sin by excess, combined?

3. Bet on hooks
Another useful feature is placing hooks at strategic points. So you will no longer have to leave the clothes hanging anywhere.

Best of all, aside from the fact of being economical and practical, it is that the hooks can be an element of decoration. Put on the most stylish bags and hats that will add a special touch to the environment.

If you want the parts to be hidden, use the hooks behind the door. They will serve the same purpose, but they will not be so much in sight.

4. Establish harmony
There is no way to speak in an organizing environment without talking about the general harmony of the room. This means that the colors should be in harmony.

Give preference to lighter tones on the walls, betting on decor items as a differential. In fact, they may have stronger and extravagant tones.

It is worth emphasizing, by the way, the importance of harmonizing the space taking into account the curtains, because the lighting is more an aspect that needs to be thought. Check the possibility of investing in a lamp or lamp, always trying to match the proposal of the environment.

Do not forget to keep the room always clean. After all, the dirt contributes, much to the disorganization aspect.

5. Adopt the idea of niches
There is no doubt that they make the room more attractive, but the functionality of these items goes even further. Niches can be used, for example, to group your books, notebooks and other materials.

One can also put some decorative pieces, contrasting them with the color of the niche. The important thing here is to get out of the comfort zone and look for an innovative proposal, which - of course - matches your style and the environment.

6. Invest in a TV panel
Want a lot to have a TV in the room, but find the environment small? Then check the possibility of placing a panel. With it, you will not waste space.

Another plus is that some panels have drawers and even doors, which will be useful for storing some things that were scattered around the room.

To avoid mistakes, remember to hire a specialized company that can properly install the TV stand and panel, such as Porto Seguro Faz. After all, you do not want to run the risk of the item getting crooked or that the cradle is misfitting, and may even let the television fall.

7. Choose functional furniture
For those who have many clothes, accessories, shoes and even electronic gadgets every extra space is welcome, right?

It is in this scenario that functional furniture presents itself as a viable option. They are: bedside tables, beds with doors and drawers built-in, corner tables, etc.

Want more examples? So be aware that there are puffs that have coffee tables, sofas that can serve as beds and beds that have a chest underneath, being a kind of closet.

All of them, besides contributing with decoration, are extremely useful in the optimization process of the space. Thus, you will have a few more places to store your numerous objects and clothes.

8. Do not leave scattered laundry and ensure room organization
Nothing pollutes the look of the room more than clothes scattered all over space. In addition to damaging the image of the environment, leave that feeling that the person is messy.

The situation is even worse when it comes to dirty laundry. So that you have no error, then have a specific place to store them - preferably not in the room.

Believe: Room organization is an issue that must be taken into account. After all, it contributes to the harmony of space, leaving the environment more balanced. And nothing better than getting in there and finding everything in order, does not it?

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