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External facade cleaning

External facade cleaning

The facade cleaning service has existed for more than 100 years and we can realize that it is not today that people care about providing proper maintenance and care for a certain place. These activities are of great importance, especially since the facade of a certain place, whether residential or business, can often be the door of entry, the business card for the person - visitor or customer - who is on the side out.

When people began to realize the benefits that facade cleaning could bring to a particular location and even to the city, the activity began to gain great value. However, it was performed in a not very effective way, since only one bucket with water and one ladder was used.

How to clean facades
Over time, people realized that the activity of cleaning facades could bring great benefits to the establishment, to the street and also to the city, since we can perceive a building or other type of establishment that has a facade clean and beautiful, thus providing in a special way, a better look for our city.

There are some techniques that are specific to this activity and that only the people with the proper qualification can perform, thus providing a more effective cleaning and maintenance for the place.

One of these techniques that can be used is the reach and wash system. With this system it is possible to provide facade cleaning which will be carried out even more effectively and with the safety of the employees. This revolutionary system also has the use of ionized water, which is acquired after a process where water is filtered several times, causing all minerals from the water to be removed. This process effectively assists in the cleaning of facades, since the water will naturally dry without leaving any stain on the material that makes up the facade, and especially when the facade is glass.

When cleaning facades
It is very important to carry out the cleaning of facades and even more periodically, and therefore the facade cleaning must be present the list of services of periodical maintenance, so that it is possible to take care of a correct and effective way of a building or even a residence, thus providing the convenience of all who benefit from this location.

Even if facade cleaning is already in the periodic maintenance, people may have some doubts about when this maintenance should be performed.

One of the most doubtful items is the period when cleaning should be performed. The frequency of cleaning may depend on a number of factors, such as location of the building and even exposure to weather factors such as rain or strong sun.

Over time and especially if there is a high incidence of rain, this factor can provide a greater accumulation of dust and other dirt. If the owner or people who use a place want to have the facade of the property always clean and well cared for, facade cleaning can happen every 5 months, so that with all the maintenance services being carried out, the property will look more beautiful and well preserved.

By using the right system and technology, it is possible to provide benefits even to the environment with facade cleaning. With the new system it is possible to use only 500 liters of water to wash the facade, while more traditional systems require 8,000 liters of water to perform a complete wash.

Facade cleaning in Boston

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