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11 Tips for allergic people in house cleaning

11 Tips for allergic people in house cleaning

Cleaning the house regularly is essential so rooms do not accumulate dust, dirt and other nuisances. However, this activity can become a nightmare for anyone who has allergies or respiratory diseases, such as rhinitis and sinusitis, for example. Although crises are uncomfortable, failure to properly clean the house helps mites and fungi to proliferate.

To control the allergic crisis is necessary in some cases the constant use of antiallergics, however, is not the best solution. The correct thing is to perform the proper cleaning of your house to have a better quality of life in the face of this situation.

Keeping environments where the person with allergies lives free of dust is the main step to get rid of microorganisms that cause sneezing attacks or collaborate with nasal congestion. But how to do it in a less unpleasant way and without attacking the allergy?

To help you with this issue, here are some tips:

1 - Use vacuum cleaner: When cleaning dust and dirt from surfaces, use vacuum cleaner. This is because the broom and mops end up spreading and raising the dirt up high, leaving the air contaminated, which consequently worsens the allergy;

2 - Wash the stuffed animals: Although fluffy, plush toys are great accumulators of dust and dust mites, a danger to those who have allergies. These accessories that are exposed must be washed every 15 days to eliminate the microorganisms;

3 - Clean the refrigerator: The cleaning of this appliance is essential in the prevention of bacteria that cause food poisoning. The excess moisture in the refrigerator shelves are the major foci of these microorganisms. Ideally, remove and clean the water outlet container and wipe clean all surfaces wherever possible;

4 - Take good care of bedding: In addition to regularly changing the mattress and pillow, to avoid dust accumulation in this space, you need to wash and change bedding always and expose them in the sun to avoid moisture. The ideal is to line the bed with special anti-dust covers;

5 - Eliminate dirt from the grout: The bathroom, besides being the dirtiest room in the house, is what accumulates more bacteria and mold. Its moisture allows the proliferation of fungi that cause dark patches on the wall and are harmful to health.

In addition to all these care, anyone who is allergic should:

6 - Keep the rooms in the house well ventilated;

7 - Replace highly fragranced chemicals with biodegradable products;

8 - Do not accumulate items in batteries, but keep them organized and properly packed;

9 - Avoid carpeting, curtains and carpets at home;

10 - Provide regular cleaning of the air conditioner;

11 - Leave the house after cleaning and come back a few hours later.

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