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Tips for cleaning the house in winter

Tips for cleaning the house in winter

Some simple winter-specific tips regarding cleaning the house

  • Give special attention to carpets. Too much moisture and dust can increase the number of mites.
  • Keep the towels dry. When you shower, instead of leaving in the bathroom, hang the towel on the clothesline.
  • If possible, dust the furniture and vacuum the cleaner daily. If not, at least once a week.
  • Clean the windows to take better advantage of natural light.
  • Keep the lamps clean. Dirty lamps burn faster and, in winter, we tend to use more, for darken earlier and stay longer at home.
  • Organize your laundry routine, which changes with the longer drying time of the clothes.
  • Separate one corner of the wardrobe to hang coats that are not washed or soiled.
  • Make a thorough cleaning in the pantry.
  • Keep warm bedding in an easily accessible place.
  • Clean electronic equipment to prevent dust accumulation, especially on computers.
  • Open the windows daily to vent and soak up the sun.
  • If possible, install a faucet with hot water to facilitate cleaning routines, especially dishwashing.
  • If you have allergic people in your family, it is worth it to curl and store the bedroom carpets during the season.
  • Clean and keep stuffed animals if your child is allergic. Avoid what you can, gather dust.
  • Keep the shower clean and keep an eye on the resistance.
  • Renew candle stock at home if light is missing.

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