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Disinfectants are great allies of commercial cleaning and destruction of microorganisms

Disinfectants are great allies of commercial cleaning and destruction of microorganisms

Disinfectants are substances that destroy certain vegetative microorganisms on objects and surfaces and are therefore major allies in cleaning and hygiene services. Commonly, they are used to promote the disinfection of certain places like toilets and hospital environments, for example. However, in order to have a perfect disinfection, it is necessary, first of all, to clean the place, cleaning, washing and even, when necessary, removing the dirt, and then applying the disinfectant on the surface. Disinfectants of the most varied types, odors and brands are widely found in the market, in supermarkets or specialized houses. However, it is necessary to have some precautions regarding the use of certain compositions, avoiding, for example, skin burns or intoxications. Therefore, carefully reading labels and packaging is critical to the health of the user.

Deodorization and disinfection

It is very important that you do not confuse these two cleaning procedures. There are products that are odorizers and are not necessarily disinfectants. There are several types of disinfectants, which are:
- Liquid chlorine;
- Chlorinated compounds; and
- Ammonium quaternary base.

It is also important to clarify that bactericidal detergents normally do not have perfume, but rather characteristic odor of the sanitizing agent used.

Liquid Chlorine

As an excellent germicide, liquid chlorine is one of the most used disinfectants in the hygiene and cleaning tasks, and can be used in almost all situations. Liquid chlorine should never be mixed with other chemicals as it may produce super-harmful gases to health.

Chlorinated Compounds

The chlorinated compounds have high bactericidal and germicidal power and, therefore, promote the proper disinfection of several types of environment. They are suitable for cleaning in special environments, such as:
- In health services, hospital and similar environments;
- In critical and semi-critical areas: changing rooms, ambulances, toilets, ambulatories, first aid, surgical centers, etc.

Ammonium quaternary base disinfectant

Disinfectants based on quaternary ammonia are products that have a more limited use yet and should only be used in special cases, such as in nurseries and treated or waterproofed floors.

It is necessary to clean the place, remove the dirt, and then apply the disinfectant to the surface

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