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Glass cleaning: are you doing it right?

Glass cleaning: are you doing it right?

Glass cleaning is a task that not everyone likes to do. Although it looks simple, sanitizing can leave finger marks, grease stains or even signs of cleaning products.

But with the proper use of cleaning products, the correct measurement of solutions and a regular frequency of maintenance, the process can be simplified and ensure more efficient and long-lasting results.

Here's how to clean your windows the right way and make your home look even more beautiful and pleasant.

When to clean and why?
Cleaning glass and mirrors is very important for a home. When windows, doors and other objects made of glass do not get clean, there is a very large buildup of dirt, which, in addition to leaving poor-looking environments, can still be bad for your health.

As glass can get dirty with grease - which often comes from our own body - these places end up retaining a high amount of dust, pollution, animal hair and other wastes, even if not always so apparent.

This accumulation of dirt is quite harmful for allergy sufferers, since they can trigger rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma, among others. The situation is especially dangerous for infants, children, the elderly and pregnant women, who are part of the risk group for these diseases.

To avoid diseases and allergic crises, the ideal is to clean glasses at least once a week, ensuring a good appearance in all rooms. And, every month, perform a deeper cleaning.

Tips for good glass cleaning

If you are one of those who do not have much intimacy with the cleaning of glasses and ends up leaving the surfaces with a worse appearance, we have some tips that will help you in the day to day:

1 - Use a quality cloth
Even if it is tempting to buy cheaper cloths to clean the house, invest in higher quality glass cleaning materials such as knitted fabrics.

Bad cloths, which loose lint, will increase the amount of work and make the service take much longer. Also, get rid of cotton towels, which cause the same kind of problem.

To save and maintain excellence, wear an old, loose-fitting T-shirt.

2 - Always clean from top to bottom
Avoid reworking: start cleaning on top of windows and scroll down until you reach the end. That way you do not run the risk of drops of water or cleaning products flowing into areas that have already been cleaned.

3 - Newspaper sheets are great for finishing cleaning, but should be used properly
This is a trick used up in hotel chains. Newspaper sheets are excellent for drying the glass after washing, but you need to know how to use it to ensure the desired gloss layer and perfect finish.

Do not let the newspaper get soggy, as this loosens the ink from the page, which may stain your hands and the glass surface. Always dry in the same direction to avoid staining.

4 - Take care of the height of the glass
If the window or door is too tall, attention needs to be redoubled. Be careful about the use of stairs or chairs and avoid distractions that could cause accidents.

Depending on the height or in the case of buildings, it is better to have a professional specialized to perform the goodness.

5 - Use a squeegee
The squeegee is an essential item to leave the glass clean and with uniform brightness.

Before drying with a cloth or the newspaper itself, remove excess water by pulling it up and down with the squeegee.

6 - The use of industrial glass cleaners is not always the best option
It is very common to compare products for sale without thinking about home-made alternatives or even reading the label.

The glass cleaner, for example, works on dusty glass but is not effective in places that accumulate grease, such as kitchen doors and windows and the bathroom stall.

Always read the label of products before use and seek other solutions to make cleaning easier and more economical.

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