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Prevent Even More Mites Including Cleaning Wardrobes In Your Routine

Prevent Even More Mites Including Cleaning Wardrobes In Your Routine

That cleaning the house is part of the routine, we already know (and we are good at it!). But how's the cleaning of your wardrobe? I bet it's those parts that we forget or leave for later, right?

If this is your case, be careful, as mites and dust also accumulate there. By the way, do you know what dust is? They are small particles of pollution, dead skin and dust mites that hang in the air. In addition to leaving the house looking like dirt, dust can also cause serious respiratory and allergic problems.

To avoid these problems, we separate for you these simple tips that can make all the difference in your routine - and health too!

Before you start cleaning, how about separating for donation clothes and unused accessories? Shoes can also be added to the list! In addition to helping those who need it, your wardrobe will have plenty of room.

1 - Start cleaning the outside of the wardrobe. Wipe it with a damp cloth. If necessary, repeat the operation with a clean cloth. We recommend using a soft cloth to avoid scratching your furniture.

2 - Take everything out of the wardrobe. Wipe the damp cloth on the "walls", drawers, shelves, handles and nooks. Do not forget the stand for the hangers, as they accumulate a lot of dust!

3 - To finish, leave the wardrobe with the doors open to air.

Ready! Your wardrobe is clean, free of dust and dust mites.

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