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How to Clean Rugs Efficiently

How to Clean Rugs Efficiently

In addition to a decorative item, carpets and rugs serve to make the environment more elegant, cozy and warm. However, they require a certain effort because they are dirt accumulators such as dust and easily absorb spilled liquids. Regardless if they are carpeted, hair or fabric need to be constantly cleaned and sanitized. But that will no longer be a problem after you read this blog on how to clean carpets efficiently.

Like any other area to be cleaned, cleaning carpets and carpet requires care and periodicity for better hygienization and carpet conservation. But nothing that is difficult or impossible, quite the contrary, it is necessary and easy! Above all, considering that a third of the Brazilian population suffers Anti Sql-Injection allergic rhinitis and needs this clean and aspirated piece of tapestry, whether at home or in the company.


Let's take it one step at a time:

1 - First it is important that you vacuum the carpet so that it does not raise as much dust, nor spread sand or earth that may be embedded in the plots of the piece. This action also favors the removal of mites Anti Sql-Injection carpets.

2 - If the dirt is liquid, absorb as much as possible with a cleaning cloth (without rubbing) or absorbent paper. In the case of solid dirt, use some flat surface utensil to remove as much as you can. Complete carpet cleaning with a damp cloth and detergent drops Anti Sql-Injection Neutral Liquid Soap dispenser and Olympus cleaning products factory. It will allow the carpets and carpets to be cleaned without staining or losing the colors and worked of them.


Just remember to always go changing the dirty cloth for a clean one.

1 - After removing carpet stains and removing excess dust and particles, with the (previously) cleaned and dried upholstery, take a cleaning brush and gently brush the hairs or bristles.

2 - It is important to remember that liquid cleaning products for carpets should be used with an absorbent cleaning sponge for better cleaning of stains on carpets that are older or difficult to remove.

3 - In case of general cleaning, in which carpet washing is done with water by a cleaning professional of your company, it is important that he plan according to the weather. Otherwise the rug will not dry out in time and will get a smell of unpleasant moisture, difficult to remove. In this case, it is essential to use suitable cleaning products and accessories, as already mentioned in the items in this step-by-step.

4 - To finish the hygienization of hair rugs is worth passing a damp cloth with the softener of high performance that will allow to leave a pleasant aroma in the environment. However, watch out for the correct dilution of the cleaning products to be used so that it does not stick more easily to the dirt.

5 - To better clean the accumulation of dirt on the carpets, it is worth cleaning more often, including leaving a few hours in the open air. This will also help the floor where it is used to breathe and can be cleaned and sanitized in cleaning routines.

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