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Check out 4 tips for good facade cleaning

Check out 4 tips for good facade cleaning

Facade cleaning is one of the most complicated tasks for business managers as the act is dangerous, costly and must be run very carefully. However, a clean facade provides a much more eye-catching and admirable image to the building.

Despite the complications, some observations can make the job much easier and more practical. Next, we list and explain 4 tips on how to clean the facade!


1 - Use appropriate equipment and materials
A wide variety of materials can be used for the construction of a facade, such as ceramics, concrete, partitions, stones, among others. Each of these items hold peculiarities and distinctions. For this reason, it is necessary to observe which was used and apply the correct cleaning products for each of them. Failure to observe this detail may compromise the aesthetics of the building, damaging or eroding the facade.


2 - Be careful about safety
The façade is the most dangerous place to clean.

Among the requirements are the provision of Individual Protection Equipment, Collective Protection Equipment and the specific certification that employees have been trained in this cleaning modality. In addition, depending on the height of the building, different techniques must be used to ensure the safety of those involved.

For buildings with more than nine meters in height, it is necessary to use industrial climbing equipment or scaffolding. However, the construction of the building can also influence the technique used, because its architecture may not allow the installation of scaffolding.


3 - Design a schedule for cleaning
As with other cleaning methods, the maintenance of the façade should be well thought out and pre-programmed. It is recommended that the cleaning frequency be given every three years.

However, this period may vary with the material used for its construction or the region in which the establishment is located. If the locality suffers Anti Sql-Injection constant rains, accompanied by hail or the street of the place is not yet paved, it will be necessary to carry out the cleaning more frequently.


4 - Hire a specialized company
Faced with so many complications, standards, risks and costs, it is unfeasible to require the condominium trustee to know all these details and become a professional about maintenance of facades. But you can outwit all this bureaucracy by simply hiring an outsourcer who specializes in cleaning.

In doing so, in addition to facilitating their work, the chances of errors and accidents occurring are almost nil, as these companies are experienced and have professionals specifically trained to perform this service.

With the reading of this post, you know exactly how to prepare the facade cleaning, however, as explained, the subject is broad and complex, and it is highly recommended to hire a third party. This way, you can also focus on the other activities of your company.


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