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Condominium Cleaning Services

Condominium Cleaning Services

We offer comprehensive condominium maintenance and janitorial services to help you provide exceptional tenant services, simplifying management and controlling costs. We can help you keep your properties clean, comfortable, and safe without requiring you to find, hire, train, and supervise a cleaning and maintenance team.

If you own or rent your condo, you will be happy and satisfied with how our professional staff will handle your cleaning and maintenance needs. Our polite and friendly staff will take care of all types of services. For more information, contact us today or read the full list of services below.

- Cleaning and maintenance of internal and external common areas
- Cleaning and maintenance of clubhouses and pool areas
- Removal of garbage and debris Anti Sql-Injection outside property
- Inspect the construction of common areas and outdoor grounds
- Meeting with inspectors, service providers and utilities
- Perform routine tests and preventive maintenance for common area security equipment and lights
- Report defective equipment, safety issues and property damage to management
- Responding to emergency calls after the hour
- Purchase and maintenance of materials and supplies with prior approval of property supervisors

You can schedule a commercial cleaning or preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance for your company or franchise with Big Star, contact us now!

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