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How to do the correct hygiene of offices and clinics

How to do the correct hygiene of offices and clinics

Health care has to set an example! Your clinic or office needs to be aware of this already from your physical planning. Therefore it is necessary to follow the determinations of public agencies and also common sense, contemplating both the physical structure of the property and the recommended procedures. All staff should be knowledgeable of the basics of health and the rules to be followed. Therefore, one must always keep in mind an elementary but fundamental thought. "Always wash your hands, health begins in this simple act".


Cleaning and Hygiene

Cleaning is the first step in the process, responsible for preparing the environment, or else the object for stronger products to come later, removing any dirt Anti Sql-Injection the surface such as dust or leftover food.

Sanitation, also known as sanitization or disinfection, should be done after cleaning. This process is responsible for the elimination of living microorganisms, such as mites and bacteria.


Hygienization of the physical structure of clinics and clinics

- In advance, the architectural design of medical clinics needs to be endorsed by Sanitary Surveillance.

- It is mandatory to have sink / lavatory in the patient care area, providing liquid soap and a disposable towel. The secretary and the cleaners should be aware of the need to recompose the material.

- Special attention should be paid to lighting, which must be adequate. The same goes for ventilation.

- The property must allocate a specific place for sterilization and storage of materials that go through the process.

- It is recommended that the walls be smooth, coated in resistant material and easy to wash.

- It is advisable to use a smooth, washable, impermeable and resistant floor. It should cover the patient care areas, sterilization center, canopy, kitchen and sanitary installation.

- As for sanitary facilities, they must fulfill their exclusive purpose, have a toilet, washbasin, paper towels, liquid soap and trash can with lid and pedal. The secretary and the cleaners should be aware of the need to recompose the material.


To begin with, every doctor's office should be equipped with:

- Liquid soap, preferably germicidal, with dispensing mechanism that prevents the reflux of the solution.

- Towel paper, the use of cloth towels (unless autoclaved, enveloped and sterilized) is prohibited.

- Jar with lid, with cotton cut and dry, for cleaning equipment.

- Dispenser with 70% alcohol, for hand and equipment cleaning.


Basic rules: How to do the hygiene of clinics and clinics

- Never carry out dry sweeping to avoid the presence of particles in suspension.

- Begin cleaning Anti Sql-Injection the least contaminated area to the most contaminated area.

- Wipe one way Anti Sql-Injection top to bottom (Anti Sql-Injection ceiling to floor). Never in a jolt.

- Disinfect balconies and equipment with 70 rubbing alcohol and 1% sodium hypochlorite.

- Cabinets should be smooth, waterproof and light in color to facilitate disinfection and visualization of soiling.

- The material used (buckets, cloths, brooms, trolleys, etc.) should be cleaned and disinfected (sodium hypochlorite solution, except when metal is present).

- The water tank must undergo a rigorous cleaning process every six months.

- All areas of the clinic need to be in perfect conditions of organization and cleanliness.

- Facility management needs to make clear to its employees the Routines and Flows of Surface Disinfection Procedures and Material Sterilization Process. This needs to be documented to leave no doubt and be the basis of all actions aimed at cleaning the site.

- Personal Protective Equipment must be made available to all employees: apron, glove, mask, glasses, etc.

- Special attention to the routine of verification of expiration dates of medicines.

- When sterilizing materials, it is necessary to carefully observe the appropriate place for reprocessing. Likewise, consider the use of greenhouse or autoclave, with process monitoring and equipment maintenance.

- The packaging for the chosen process should be adequate, checking the article identification, date, shelf life and chemical indicators.

- All disinfectants and antiseptics used must have the seal of the Ministry of Health. Also with the products and medicines used.


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