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How to do a store cleaning efficiently?

How to do a store cleaning efficiently?

Have you ever entered an establishment and realized that it was dirty and disorganized? How did you feel? Did you get back to the place? Organizing and cleaning the store efficiently are key steps for your customers to have a good impression of your environment.

Many retailers do not value these practices and believe that just having a good product is enough for customers to come back. However, with the number of competitors and online options available in the market, is this really true?

The reality is that customers do not go to your store just for the product, but also for a complete shopping experience. Therefore, factors such as customer service, visual merchandising and store environment impact on this experience, influencing whether they will make a purchase or whether they will return to the store in the future.

With that in mind, we put below the best practices for efficient store cleaning for you to use in your business and not lose customers because of a bad environment. Check out!


Have a cleaning schedule
The first step to keep your store always clean is to have a cleaning schedule. It can be done on a simple sheet of paper, with the days of the week, times and people responsible for accomplishing each task.

Normally, stores are cleaned in the morning, before opening, and some quick cleanings are done during the working hours to keep the environment clean. The ideal is to perform cleaning when there are not many customers inside the store, so as not to interfere with your shopping experiences.

In addition, you need to think about improvisations and how to deal with each of them, such as a child who drops ice cream on the floor or customers with dirty hands that leave marks and dirt on the windows of the environment. It is necessary to have the equipments ready to handle these situations.


Keep your products organized
One of the tasks within your schedule should be the organization of the products in the store. As well as cleaning, this practice is critical to provide a good shopping experience for customers.

Ideally, your products should be organized in a way that creates a natural path for customers who visit the store, making it easy for them to find what they are looking for and items that can complement their purchase. Off-the-shelf products can leave customers confused and frustrated by having to search for items throughout the store, causing them to abandon the purchase.

One tip is to have a salesperson or employee walk around the store arranging the products, putting each item in its ideal location and keeping everything in order. If the store is very large, have several professionals performing this task or even employees who only have this task, especially in times with many customers, such as promotions.


Pay more attention to the windows and windows
Another tip is to pay more attention to windows and glass, both in cleaning and in the organization of the products that are there. Usually, these environments are used to highlight important items, meaning it is essential that dirt and smudges in this environment do not disrupt customers' vision.

Ideally, they should be cleaned every day, early in the day and during the day. To do this, have a specific cloth and cleaner for glasses, this ensures that they are not damaged over time. Leave this material close to the surfaces or in an easily accessible place and let employees be aware of the need to always take care of windows and windows.


Do not miss cleaning products
It's no use having everything scheduled if it's time to clean products, right? In addition to having a cleaning schedule, have a control of products that are required for this practice as well as reliable suppliers.

There are companies that deliver cleaning products in stores, eliminating the need for someone having to go to a market or establishment to buy these items. This strategy is smart when the establishment has a very rush routine.

Evaluate the purchase need and the possibility of having a vendor, schedule a purchase of those products as often as needed, such as once a week or once a month. In this way, the materials will always be available so that the schedule is followed and the experience of the clients is always positive.


Be careful with strong odors and smells
A problem encountered in many stores are strong and unpleasant odors that bother customers. They can be caused by various factors such as the material of some products, dirt, lack of cleaning or even by used cleaning products.

The ideal is to do a good cleaning using items with neutral odors, so the environment is not polluted with unpleasant or very strong odors that affect the shopping experience of your customers.

Some stores and brands use distinct odors to attract customers, such as the Melissa brand, with its chewing gum smell. This smell follows a company strategy and can not be changed with other odors. In this case, it is essential to use non-odor-free cleaning items or make use of them before the store opens.


Train employees
Finally, it is important to prepare employees to follow the schedule and rules set up for cleaning and organizing. This is necessary to make everything go as planned and your customers always see the environment clean and have no problems to carry out their purchases.

To do this, train with the team, show the importance of these two practices, as well as the best way to accomplish them. Also, be sure to assign responsibilities, making it clear which employees are responsible for each area of the store or schedule activity.

If the company does not have cleaning staff and its salespeople and attendants are responsible for these activities, it is important to inform them about the tasks when hiring them, so they do not get frustrated with the situation. Also, always value the work of the employees, thanking them for the good work and ensuring that they too are satisfied.


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