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See more work done by Big Star: Gym Cleaning

See more work done by Big Star:  Gym Cleaning

Drying sweat smells. Showers that get used 30+ times each day gather mould and soap scum. Sweat in carpets breeds mould and don’t even get us started on what skin flakes do as they decompose. 

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of experience cleaning gyms, and we know just what it takes: Hard Work and Discipline, a Variety of Activity and Rewards to aim at.

Hard Work and Discipline
Our cleaners know that gym cleaning requires lots of hands-on contact with the equipment. Fingerprints on glass, sweat marks, grease on vinyl – it’s all got to be cleaned. They know that attention to detail is what counts to set your gym apart from the others in your local area. 

We use specialised equipment and non-toxic chemicals to remove the sweat, the skin flakes and soap scum. Our cleaning chemicals impart a fresh, “non-chemical” smell to your gym that your patrons will appreciate. Although they won’t be able to put their finger on it, your members will notice a difference after we start cleaning your gym. 

The best bit is that every month, one of our auditing staff will inspect the quality of the cleaning job being performed by our cleaner. It’s how we guard against complacency on the job and it means that our standards are continually rising, not falling or flatlining.


The right cleaners
A cleaning service is only as a good as the people doing the cleaning. Every cleaner Big Clean uses has been handpicked, performance tested, background checked and trained by us. They are uniformed and routinely clock in and out of our client sites using mobile-technology, providing us with an additional layer of assurance regarding who accesses each location and how long they spend there.


Do I need to hire a specialized company?

You can schedule a commercial cleaning or preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance for your company or franchise with Big Star, contact us now!

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