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10 Easy Commercial Office Cleaning Tips

10 Easy Commercial Office Cleaning Tips

For many, the office is like a second home. Like the home, no one wants to work in an office cluttered with rubbish, dirty and germ ridden. It can leave workers feeling undervalued and demotivated. It can also leave clients with the wrong impression about the company. Here are ten commercial office cleaning tips about how to create an office space that is both clean and fresh.


1 - Have a cleaning plan
When it comes to cleaning an office, there is always the risk of missing tasks. Having a cleaning plan in place means everyone involved knows what tasks need completing and when they need to happen.

2 - Declutter
A clean office can only happen once there is no clutter. Decluttering the work area can involve things like:

3 - Clear Desk
It is important that workers keep their desk clear of papers, folders and other items. Putting away such items leaves the desk free for cleaning. Having a clear desk policy in place in the office will help.

4 - Windows
Windows can quickly build up dirt and dust if not cleaned regularly. To stop the dirt and dust from building up and making it difficult to see out, windows need regular cleaning. Ideally, this should happen at least twice a year. 

5 - Emptying the bins
If people eat at their desk, there is a risk of the bins smelling. Equally, workers may overfill the bins with rubbish potentially causing a hazard. Bins need to be emptied regularly, so this does not happen. Having a rubbish bag in the bin makes it easier to remove quickly and keeps it clean. 

6 - Computers, Keyboards and Phones
Computers, keyboards and the telephone that sit on desks are all dust and dirt magnets. Given that these can all pick up germs a regular cleaning schedule is important. Having a cleaning spray and cloth readily to hand will help. 

7 - Toilets
When it comes to safety, keeping toilets clean and disinfected is vital. They are the one place where there will be high traffic from the many people that use them. Because of this, daily cleaning is essential. Not having a regular cleaning routine can lead to restrooms becoming a breeding ground for all kinds of germs, bacteria and infectious diseases.

8 - Kitchen Areas
All dishes in the kitchen area need cleaning up soon after their use. Equally, if there is a microwave, any mess should be cleaned up promptly. Leaving food and other spills unattended can result in it going hard and being difficult to clean up later.

9 - Mopping
Cleaning the work area will likely mean mopping floors. It is important that safety signs be put out to warn everyone who walks by that the floor is wet.

10 - Walkthrough
Do a walk around the office on a regular basis taking the same path a client might follow and study the surroundings. If the office cleaning is working then, there should not be any signs of an untidy office.

Keeping the workplace clean and well maintained can mean a productive and motivated workforce. It also leaves clients with a good impression of the office. In making sure that the work area is clean, it is worth considering whether to hire a professional cleaning company to do the job.


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