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6 Amazing Janitorial Cleaning Tips Straight from Other Professionals

6 Amazing Janitorial Cleaning Tips Straight from Other Professionals

Ever wonder how your office always turns out so sleek and shiny? Here are some janitorial cleaning tips straight from the experts!

1- Use a Neutral cleaner for floors.
Neutral is the most gentle solution, and there are many neutral cleaners that can be used on a variety of floors that just have foot traffic that needs to be cleaned up.

2 - Don’t forget the basics.
Tidying magazines in the waiting room, dusting window blinds, and cleaning scuff marks are all important parts of keeping a squeaky clean office.

3 - Clean the electronics.
Indispensable among janitorial cleaning tips is to remember to wipe down desktop electronics. Phone handsets especially are magnets for bacteria and germs.

4 - Dust from top to bottom.
What goes up must come down. Make sure you take care of higher surfaces first, so you don’t end up cleaning the same surfaces three or four times.

5 - Change those mop heads.
Does the office smell like a wet dog when you’re done? Before pointing the finger at the office canine, Janiking says to take a sniff of the mop closet. You might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find.

6 - Finishing floors is an art as much as a science.
If you have a big floor care project ahead of you, heed one of the janitorial cleaning tips from the folks at Big Star: Take your time. If you rush through a floor finishing job, your mistakes will show through more obviously than you might think. The most valuable tool in your cleaning arsenal is patience.


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